Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Character Animation Reel

So I've finally handed in my last assignment for this term. I am very happy with it and so I decided to make a litte show reel. Here it is for those interested:

Emelie Jensen - Character Animation Reel from Emelie Jensen on Vimeo.


Sunday, 5 December 2010

1st class!!!

Hello everyone!
It's been a while. I have been super busy with assignments, and I still am. I had my first hand in and presentation yesterday. I worked my arse off on this assignment, mainly because I enjoyed it. And I must say that the work payed off, I landed my first 1:st class! I was given so many great words that I could just barely hold my tears back when I got out of the class room. I can't wait to finish it off since the first part was only the pre-production. I am starting the second part after Christmas and new year at some point. Anyway, I promised you a leica-reel and so here it is. I have told you about the story before, so I hope you enjoy:

Mind Fluff - Leica Reel from Emelie Jensen on Vimeo.

I have also finished two of the five animations that are due in this monday (yes I know I have got a lot to do. But I know I'll be able to finish on time). I can only show you one at the moment since I can only upload 500MB to Vimeo a week, and I've decided not to use Youtube any more, since the quality is awful. So for the rest of the animations you just have to wait a week. I promise you I will upload them asap when I am allowed my next 500MB.

Drinking Animation from Emelie Jensen on Vimeo.


Thursday, 18 November 2010

Help Voting!!!

Yeah guys! First one was false alarm cause it didn't get accepted. This time it is FOR REAL! So if I get this T-shirt printed I will win $2500 and I sure could use that money so pretty please go and vote. It means that you have to sign up, but you might as well because I will be entering more designs and will need your help more than this time.

Score this design: "Sci-Fi," to help it get printed on Threadless!

" />

So there you are! Vote, vote, VOTE!!!
Love you!!!

Monday, 15 November 2010

The weekend...

Was one of the best ones in a long time. Friday was just chill, uni work, gym and cuddles. Saturday we went for along shopping day around the market. We go there every Saturday to do our weekly food shopping, but this Saturday we spent such a long time there just strolling around looking at things, talking with people in the shops, trying nice cheese and so on and so forth. It was very very nice. And then Saturday night we went to the cinema to see "Due date" which was brilliant. Long ago since I laughed so much at a movie. I think people in the cinema thought a was a bit retarded or something cause I laughed way to loud. Ah well, it was fun so you are aloud to laugh like an idiot if you want to I think.
Here's some pics from the weekend


Sunday, 7 November 2010

Bonfire Night...

It was supposed to be anyway. Bonfire night with tuns of fireworks and friends. But since the weather decided to be super shitty and pour down all night they cancelled the main display and we were left with nothing to do.
We decided to take things in our own hands and went to Frankie & Benny's for a lovely meal instead. It was a very nice night and after we just went home to watch Sleepy Hollow and then go to bed.


Thursday, 4 November 2010

"He's so fluffy I could die"...

So yesterday the best thing happened. Ceri vent off to meet one of his friends Liam and I was left on my own for a bit. Ceri comes home and tells me to close my eyes and stretch out my arms. After hesitating for a bit I finally trust him and I close my eyes and stretch out my arms and BAM! OOOOOOOOH! The softest thing lands in my arms. The best TEDDY EVER!!! I've been looking at this Stitch teddy for such a long time, and I loved him from the first time I saw him. Obviously I started crying like always, and loved my boyfriend more than ever before ;) lol
No, but seriously this is the best present ever and it made my day...
Here's some photos of my new friend...

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Well lately I seem to be catching everything. I've only been back to Uni a week after recovering from the cold from hell, and now I catch a freaking water infection and have to run to the toilet every time a little bit of wee decides to land in my bladder, because it hurts so much that I cant hold it back. I am not a happy girl right now, I've missed tuns of stuff in Uni and I do not feel very good about that. I need to start sorting things out but I cant find the strength to. I have 3 animations to do now, and tuns of pre-production work to do for my student centred project. I guess I just need to kick myself out of bed and get on with it. At least I was given some antibiotics today after visiting the doctors, and hopefully that will help a bit. It's really cold here to, so it is really hard to get out of the bed when it is so nice and warm in it. I've put the central heating on now though so hopefully that will heat this little place up and keep me and Ceri from catching any other stupid infections.
Winter is nearly here now I think. This is the only time I miss Sweden. Wales have got some of the most depressing winters. It's just grey grey grey and wet wet wet! At least the snow back in Sweden made the winters bearable. I used to love the winters, but I don't any more. BLEEEH!
Anyway, that was my winch for today. What I HAVE managed to do is to complete a new drawing though, and I am very happy with it. Tried a lot of new techniques and it came out lovely, very moody :) Click on it for full view.
We need to get some art up on our white walls and I am so happy with this that I'm thinking of getting it printed and frame it. But we'll see what happens. That's that for now. Nothing interesting going on really. Not until my stupid illnesses goes away anyway...


Monday, 18 October 2010

Cataclysm Cinematic Trailer!!!!!

I think I just pooped myself a little bit. I have goosebumps and tears inmy eyes. Blizzard will never fail to deliver a perfect and amazing trailer. Damn I love them!

Monday, 4 October 2010

Back on the world wide web...

You might have noticed my absence or maybe you haven't. The reason to this is that I haven't had any Internet for a whole month. My my my..... Actually it's been pretty nice. I have been drawing like crazy cause of this. I placed the drawing board in front of the computer screen and almost forgot I had a computer. I've come up with a character and a story for my 3rd year final animation. Yes I am only in my second year, but after been hit in the face with how long it takes for studios like for example Pixar to complete an animation, I thought that I should probably start working towards it now or I'll be fucked. So my story is about a little girl called Ellie Brown, and I will tell you more about her in my art blog (http://emz-artbubble.blogspot.com), so keep your eyes open if you want to know more about her.

We're back in Uni now anyway and all my motivation is back. I can't wait to sink my teeth into all this new shit and start animating and learning new stuff. I think this year will be a good year.

Oh and my beloved friends came to visit. I was so excited to see them and it was amazing to have them over. But I do wish that I could have had them for a bit longer. There is so many places I want to show. Places that just cant be described in words or pictures. We did go to the Gower though which was beyond amazing. It was my first time there, and I will go there a lot more from now on.

I miss my mummy extremely much to, it's been ages since we talked and I really really need to hear her voice. And hopefully she will come over to visit in December so that I can give her the longest hug ever.

Also I've had the longest break from Warcraft EVER! But this will be NO MOOOOORE! I am installing it now and bought myself a little game card that is sitting here next to me, just waiting to be used!!!!!!!!

I will put up some pictures here in the next coming days from when my lovely swedes were over, I just can't be bothered right now. But soooooooooooooon!!!


Thursday, 9 September 2010

New art blog...

Emz Art Bubble.... Yeah thats what it is called. I decided yesterday that I did not want to share this blog with the world. I'd like to keep my private life to myself, family and friends. So I created an artblog today which you can find here http://emz-artbubble.blogspot.com/ . It is mainly for the people that likes my art and want to see what I am up to artwise.

Anyway I hope somebody wil enjoy this blog or I'll cry my heart out... LOL


Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Artsy fartsy...

Yes, I have felt very arty lately. Which is a good thing. I've been drawing like mad! And I can't really seem to stop. I'm going to try to fill up my deviantART gallery a bit. I've been very slow on that part. Don't ask me why, cause it feels like I'm drawing all the time. Thing is that I love starting new things, but I never seem to finish them off. I can be very patient with some, while others I just cant be bothered with.
Here's what I've done lately anyway.
The devil pinup is part of the tattoo designs that are going in to the "Blood and Ink" book, but I've drawn her by hand in there. I just felt like giving her some spice and fire in photoshop. And the girl at the bottom is Black Cat from Marvels spider man. Drew her about a year ago, and found her yesterday in my sketches folder and thought she needed some colors. Very happy with both of them and I think they show yet another step forward in my digital art.
Oh and I went to Cardiff last Saturday and spent a fortune on clothes. Ones we've moved and everything I'll sort some photos out on the things I got and also the stuff I ordered online. I got myself some real pretty looking treats!

Thursday, 2 September 2010


Yes I've just spent £206 on clothes and stuff. And YES I needed every single bit of it. And I am going to Cardiff this weekend with my love and mother in law to spend a nother £200! Oh yeah!I will show you all what I've purchased when I get it. Stay tuned!


Monday, 23 August 2010

Sunday in the sea...

Yesterday was an amazing day in every single way. We had a long sleep in, didn't get up until 11.30. We had some breakfast and headed of to Newgale with wetsuits and body boards and spent about four hours tumbling around in the waves. I haven't had so much fun since I was a kid I think. I was exhausted but just couldn't stop. To ride a wave must be one of the best feelings. We body boarded at first but as it got a bit dull in the end cause I couldn't catch any waves we decided to leave them in the car, have an ice cream and then head back to do some body surfing on it's own. I have never had so much water going up my nose, in my mouth and in my ears before. Ceri asked me in the end to stop doing stroke faces as soon as a wave hit me.

After that we went home to sort our selves out. Shower off all the salt and get ready for a meal at Tafarn Sinc. I can't remember the last time we went out just us two for a meal. It was lovely. The food had never tasted better. And Tafarn Sinc is a cute little place up in the mountains. It's apparently an old train station. They have dried meat hanging of the ceilings, sawdust on the floor, and tuns and tuns of weird and old decorations. It feels like going back in time.

Unfortunately I forgot to take the camera with me. So I have no pictures from yesterday, just some old ones of Newgale. And I nicked one from google of Tafarn Sinc.

So all in all a lovely Sunday, spent in the best of ways.


Saturday, 21 August 2010

A nother day...

Yes, today has been just another day. The days just seem to become grayer and grayer and move slower and slower. The autumn is closing in before its time and I have never longed so much for Swansea as I am doing right now. Our bubble seems so far away even though it's only about 3 weeks left now. I want my life back, I want money and am in desperate need of new clothes since I'm not able to stick to one weight but continuously gain and loose it. So therefore I have no clothes cause none will fit me. There will be some dramatic changes when I get back, and when I get money. Not only will I eat well, I will also start taking aerobics and yoga classes at the LC2. I am tired and fed up with myself for being such a lazy c***t! So there! Enough is enough and it is time to start living again. Yey ME!!!

Other than that I have done absolutely nothing. I try to eat as healthy as possible and I started taking 30 minutes walks every morning last week. But this week there has been never ending torrential rain, which means that I haven't really been able to leave the house. Today we also went to see the last movie of the Twilight Saga: Eclipse. It was OK, not that I expected it to been more than so. Some cool scenes with the wolves biting some vampires to pieces hehe.

I am just so extremely restless at the moment. I hate waiting more than anything in the world! And since we vent to Swansea today to go to the cinema we also took a little drive down to St. Margareth's Court, where our amazing apartment is located, just to have a little look, and the urge of getting in there became even worse. So it don't know if it was very smart....

That's it! I am dying of restlessness.....


Monday, 16 August 2010


I'm sorry I haven't updated my blog for a couple of weeks. I have been super busy. 3 weeks ago I was given a task, a little job for a tattoo book. Or I don't if it was little but anyway, I had to design 24 new tattoo designs in only three weeks, fully colored. So as you can imagine I have had my hands full. Yesterday I sent them all in and I have never felt so releaved as I do now. Also this will give me a nice litle penny to get some stuff for our new pad in Swansea which is perfect. And I managed to create some of the best tattoo designs I've ever made. So all in all I feel very happy with my performance. And it is pretty cool to actually be in a book. Cant wait to see the book now. Don't know when it will be out though, but I will have a free copy :D YEEY!

I am afraid my poor boyfriend have suffered though, since I have been working every waken hour for the past two weeks. So now we're looking forward to a long day on the beach of Newgale. I really cant wait. Feels like I have been working my arse off lol.

That's it for now!

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Bosherston Lily ponds and Broadhaven South

Today has been one of those lovely days. Family day at the Bosherston Lily Ponds and at the lovely beach of Broadhaven South. This place never stops to amaze me. I have been many places here in Pembrokeshire this summer but I have never been to one place more than once. The fact that the wonderfull coastline is never ending and absolutely breathtaking makes me love this place a little bit more every day...

The views are absolutely stunning

The dragonflies were amazing...
The lily ponds...

Broadhaven South
The boys tried the sea...
... and even though very cold, they decided to go for a swim!
Love at it's best :)

...cause I love him very much...
And that is the end of yet another wonderful day in Pembs...

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Sucker Punch...

Has Zach Snyder done it again? Let's hope so!
Watch at youtube in fullscreen ;)


Monday, 26 July 2010

WE GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes yes yes!!! We got the apartment of our dreams and no one is happier than me and Ceri right now. We'll be moving in in the beginning of September at some point, so no pictures for you until then. But believe me, it will be worth waiting for ;)

Anyway, this is what I've been up to lately:

We had these two lovely little tables, that I thought would look perfect on our little balcony.

So with some fresh paint....
And some lovely decorations....
They would look like new!
So yesterday we sanded them down and today we gave them some new paint. And tomorrow when the paint has dried they need one more coat of paint, some decorating, some vanish and then they should be finished. I will show you the finished product then.
So Ceri decided to read a nice book until the work continues tomorrow :)
This is another project I got on the go. A little present for someone. But it is a secret!
That is all I have to report so far. Will be back soon though!