Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Summer of Sweden

Here's a little photo entry from Sweden. I was amazing being home after more than a year. You don't realize how much you miss your friends and family when you're occupied with assignments in Uni and similar, but this time it was very hard to go back to UK. I didn't cry saying goodbye to everyone, but for some reason as the plane took off and left the Swedish ground I just burst out crying. I miss my home so much now and I am ready to go back. Me and Ceri have actually even decided that when we're finished here we will move back to Sweden, hopefully to Stockholm if things turn out the way we plan. We'll see where the wind takes us. Till the next time all my love goes to my friends and family and especially to Kalle and Anna who's wedding was the most amazing ever! Thank you for letting me take part of your special day! <3 

And that was Sweden this summer. I will see you again this X-mas!