Friday, 16 December 2011

2 Years Anniversary and Christmas Trees...

It's been a great few days after we had our last presentations this term. Ceri and I started off by celebrating our 2 years anniversary (five days late) by heading to Wasabi in Uplands, for a lovely Japanese meal. Both of us tried the Udon Soup which was new to both of us, and it was amazing! I will always eat Udon soup from now on. I also tried dumplings for the first time in my life and they were amazing to. More dumplings to the people! Oh and edameme beans too. We didn't know how to eat them so Ceri just ate the whole thing and learned that they were not to be eaten that way, the hard way. But we got it in the end and I loved the edameme beans to.

Earlier that day my love came home with a lovely flower bouquet. I love flowers and this was probably the most beautiful bouquet ever! I think I might have the greatest boyfriend in the world, just so you know. And he is ALL MINE! hihi

And, yesterday we decorated the house and dressed the tree together. The tree looks so much better this year then it did last. We decided to get some colour in there and got some read baubles and I made a few hearts as well, just to spice it up a bit. Can't wait till we can have a real tree though. So much nice than fake ones. 

As for today I will continue the Christmas madness in town whilst Ceri sits at home on parcel watch duty. Yesterday we waited all day for deliveries to come and around 16.00 we decided to go food shopping cause surely there wouldn't be any deliveries that late. Well sure enough, when we got home there was a delivery card in the post box saying that we just missed them. UH! So today we wont leave the house un-attended at all.

Now I need to get ready and get out before town over floods with people (which it probably already have anyway).

OH! and I had a big box of Swedish goodies sent from my mom the other day to! Glögg, dumle, gingerbread and CHEESEDOODLES! I was, and have been in heaven for the past few days, and I am eating my cheese doodles very sloooow! Thank you momma!!!

Some photos from the last few days...
Sorry about the dirty windows, we've had sand stroms, hail storms and all the storms you can imagine lately so I saw no point in cleaning the bloody windows... 

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Fizzy head...

Last night I vent to bed around midnight just to find myself starring at a dark ceiling. My mind was just going through a gazillion things and new ideas kept popping up in my head. This new business of mine has really kicked started my brain and one good thing comes out after the other.

I spent all day yesterday sewing and crafting and I think this is what I have been missing for so long. Another way to be creative, besides the art. I have always been very interested in home decoration and in fashion in general, so why I haven't done anything about it earlier I don't know. But here I am. I have no idea where this will take me, or if it's even worth it. But I hope somebody will like what I do and actually start buying my things. I know I cant expect people to get all excited and just buy everything I've ever made, just like that. But I do have a dream, and that dream is burning in me more than ever before. I just don't want to go back to working, I want to do my own things and I want to be appreciated for it. I think my mind is set on it now and that I have the strength to carry this through. I've got faith in myself!


Monday, 5 September 2011

Tomo Ltd

I have decided to give the company that I was going to start up a while ago another go. I have now bough myself a sewing machine and also the little kit to go with it. I have started designing patterns for pillows and I am giving it a serious go. So these little owls will be my first mission and if it works then that is just great. Keep you fingers crossed for me and hopefully I will have my first pillow finished soon. 

My Momiji Dolls are just as happy as myself to have a sewing machine in the house :)


Saturday, 3 September 2011

The beast has arrived...

My beautiful bike is finally here. I can't believe it is mine! I am so happy and it is probably the most gorgeous bike in the world! We're going to have some very nice rides together both on the road and off it.


Thursday, 1 September 2011

My hair

On Tuesday I visited the hairdresser because for a while now I've been thinking of going back to my natural hair colour. Anyway, I wanted to have a hairdressers opinion before doing anything. He showed me what sort of colour we'd have to go for and it was more brown than goldenish blonde (that I was hoping for). Anyway, I booked in an appointment and went home. But, when I got home I started doubting and we all know that that aint a good sign at all. So after a day I decided that I don't want to go back to my natural hair colour. I think I am to much in love with my red waves so there, I un-booked my appointment and today I went to Boots instead to see if I could find something new, still red, but new. 
So I'm going to go for a more bronze or ginger red and I'm gonna put in some blond highlights as well. Similar to what I had about 3 summers ago.

We'll see what it looks like when I am done since I'm doing it all on my own, but I hope it'll look nice. I'll write a bit later and show some before and after pictures. Fingers crossed.......  


Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Summer of Sweden

Here's a little photo entry from Sweden. I was amazing being home after more than a year. You don't realize how much you miss your friends and family when you're occupied with assignments in Uni and similar, but this time it was very hard to go back to UK. I didn't cry saying goodbye to everyone, but for some reason as the plane took off and left the Swedish ground I just burst out crying. I miss my home so much now and I am ready to go back. Me and Ceri have actually even decided that when we're finished here we will move back to Sweden, hopefully to Stockholm if things turn out the way we plan. We'll see where the wind takes us. Till the next time all my love goes to my friends and family and especially to Kalle and Anna who's wedding was the most amazing ever! Thank you for letting me take part of your special day! <3 

And that was Sweden this summer. I will see you again this X-mas!