Saturday, 15 January 2011

Another contract came my way a few days ago. I was asked to create a Photoshop tutorial on this vampire up here for a book called "How to Draw Supernatural Beings". I had tuns of fun doing it since it was my first tutorial ever made. I also learned allot while doing it which is great. I've become a sucker for details lately and I've read through plenty of tutorials. I see pictures very different now from what I did a few months back. Lighting and shading become more and more clear to me every time I see a new painting or photo. It's almost like my mind has become more open to these things, and I love it. My mind is like a sponge and it feels like it can never get to wet.

In general I feel like I'm finally becoming the artist I always wanted to be. I've even started to appreciate my own work and think that it's actually worth something. So I have achieved allot of things lately and there is more to come. Before Christmas I started up my own company called EJ Arts and I have big plans for myself. In not to long I hope to have a very nice portfolio sorted and also a website for myself. I'm planning to send this portfolio to as many companies as I can and see if I can establish myself as a Freelancing Artist. I'll keep you update on any progress.