Wednesday, 22 February 2012


I had a lovely birthday, turning 28 wasn't that bad after all. I think that after 25 life definitely just keeps getting better so I'm not worried about getting closer too 30 at all. If 28 is this good then 30 will be awesome! Anyway, Ceri made me breakfast in bed and gave me a super duper nice chocolate cake and cute presents. I had this little necklace that I've been looking at for ages on Etsy, came all the way from Canada and I soooo love it. I also had a little phone charm from the same place. And the best EVER, "DRIVE" iiiiiiih! Watched it yesterday again and it is my favourite movie of all time! I just love it and I feel so good inside watching it. Amazing film with so much tension and they way it is shot, WOW, beautiful! Aaaaand he took me to this Thai restaurant that we hadn't tried out yet and it was great. Food was so tasty, I forgot to take a photo of the main course though, but the starter and the desert were amazing too.
I also had some really cute things from Ceri's mum and step dad. The best was this Swedish Cook book, it's got everything in it. Semlor, meatballs, waffles you name it, and yesterday was Fettisdag (FastTuesday?) in Sweden and I craved for Semlor all day, I almost made some but couldn't be bothered going to the shop in the end. Anyway here are some photos from my birthday, enjoy!

Friday, 6 January 2012

Christmas 2011...

Like I said earlier Christmas was great and full of presents. Made me feel like 10 years old again. It was great going down to Ceri's parents. I always calm down and get time to breath when we go down west. I think it is the fact of leaving computers and the city behind and just spend time in a house with so much love and the nature on your door step. I love cuddling with the sheep and go for walks and mountain bike, and in the summers going to Newgale to play around in the waves. I wish that everyone I know and everyone else for that matter, got to see Pembrokeshire at least once in their lives. 

We came home this Tuesday and it was great coming home to. Cause like it or not but living 6 people in a house for two weeks does tare on you in the end. Especially when you're normally a loner, like me. Also it's becoming clearer and clearer to us every day now, that in about 6 months we'll have to leave this place. We know that we will never have a home like this again and we're sort of missing it already. But we are moving on to better things, so with that in mind we're looking forward to what is to come.

Also! When I got home I found two letters from Sweden waiting in my mailbox... I had no idea anyone was sending me anything, so it was quite a surprise when I opened them up and found these adorable Christmas cards of on of my best friends Lisa's kids and my cousins kid. Of course I started crying like a little baby since I miss my friends and family so much and it was a bit overwhelming. Thank you though! Thank you so much!!!  

And Tuva had drawn this super cute Christmas card to!!! Thank you Tuva!

And here is some more Christmas presents photos:

Bought this one for myself so I had somewhere to hang all my necklaces. And thank God for that since Ceri decided to give me two more necklaces and 3 rings for Christmas...
This was probably the least expected at all. My own iPOD TOUCH! WIHOOO! I love it and as you might have noticed I've going nuts making tuns of iPod cases for it that I'm selling on Etsy

And that was that Christmas. I am already looking forward to next that I hope I will spend in Sweden for the first time in three long years.


Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Christmas Madness...

Christmas was mad this time. I decided to make more or less all Christmas presents on my own and I don't know if it was a good idea or not since I haven't heard anything back from the recipients at all. I just hope they've had their present by now otherwise I will ruin the surprise big time with this blogg entry lol!

Anyway, I worked really hard and ended up burning the candle from both ends. But everything came out great in the end and I was very happy to send these gifts off.

I always go into crazy Christmas mode around the holidays and I can help but giving myself a million projects. Besides the hand-made presents I also managed to put together my first ever ginger bread house. I only watched my mum making one when I was a kid and all I could remember was that she kept burning her fingers on the melted sugar. So I took it extra careful when using the sugar. I was a pain in my backside though. It hardens so quick when you remove it form the saucepan and it is hard to do things fast when you got brittle gingerbread. But I managed to put it all together in the end, and was very please with the final piece. The icing was a bit to runny. Icing and I are not very good friends and I don't think we ever will be.

I also decided that instead of getting ready wrapping paper for the Christmas present I wanted to make them on my own as well. So I ordered snowflake stencils, brown paper, and many different Christmas ribbons. I really enjoyed making my own present. It give them much more personality and I think people appreciated it as well.

Other than that I had a great Christmas. But I will tell you more about that in another entry since this one is already way to long with way to many photos.