Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Christmas Madness...

Christmas was mad this time. I decided to make more or less all Christmas presents on my own and I don't know if it was a good idea or not since I haven't heard anything back from the recipients at all. I just hope they've had their present by now otherwise I will ruin the surprise big time with this blogg entry lol!

Anyway, I worked really hard and ended up burning the candle from both ends. But everything came out great in the end and I was very happy to send these gifts off.

I always go into crazy Christmas mode around the holidays and I can help but giving myself a million projects. Besides the hand-made presents I also managed to put together my first ever ginger bread house. I only watched my mum making one when I was a kid and all I could remember was that she kept burning her fingers on the melted sugar. So I took it extra careful when using the sugar. I was a pain in my backside though. It hardens so quick when you remove it form the saucepan and it is hard to do things fast when you got brittle gingerbread. But I managed to put it all together in the end, and was very please with the final piece. The icing was a bit to runny. Icing and I are not very good friends and I don't think we ever will be.

I also decided that instead of getting ready wrapping paper for the Christmas present I wanted to make them on my own as well. So I ordered snowflake stencils, brown paper, and many different Christmas ribbons. I really enjoyed making my own present. It give them much more personality and I think people appreciated it as well.

Other than that I had a great Christmas. But I will tell you more about that in another entry since this one is already way to long with way to many photos. 


  1. Men ÅHH vilka fina julklappar! Och herre, vilken fin header du gjort, sjukt snygg är den! Älskar att du fått med tatueringen så detaljrik.
    Och apropå avsändning och sånt, har julkortet kommit fram? Jag fick adressen av din mamma så jag hoppas den blev rätt (var ju typ världens längsta, haha)

  2. Tack sa mycket fina du!!! Ja kortet har kommit! Tankte gora ett litet bloginlagg om presenter och kort och allt. Fick det nar jag kom hem efter juloch borjade sa klart grata som alltid. Var sa himla fint och jag hade ju ingen aning om att jag skulle fa ett mega fint jul kort! Vart sa himla glad! :) PUSS!