Wednesday, 22 February 2012


I had a lovely birthday, turning 28 wasn't that bad after all. I think that after 25 life definitely just keeps getting better so I'm not worried about getting closer too 30 at all. If 28 is this good then 30 will be awesome! Anyway, Ceri made me breakfast in bed and gave me a super duper nice chocolate cake and cute presents. I had this little necklace that I've been looking at for ages on Etsy, came all the way from Canada and I soooo love it. I also had a little phone charm from the same place. And the best EVER, "DRIVE" iiiiiiih! Watched it yesterday again and it is my favourite movie of all time! I just love it and I feel so good inside watching it. Amazing film with so much tension and they way it is shot, WOW, beautiful! Aaaaand he took me to this Thai restaurant that we hadn't tried out yet and it was great. Food was so tasty, I forgot to take a photo of the main course though, but the starter and the desert were amazing too.
I also had some really cute things from Ceri's mum and step dad. The best was this Swedish Cook book, it's got everything in it. Semlor, meatballs, waffles you name it, and yesterday was Fettisdag (FastTuesday?) in Sweden and I craved for Semlor all day, I almost made some but couldn't be bothered going to the shop in the end. Anyway here are some photos from my birthday, enjoy!


  1. Men oohh. OOOH! Så himla puttinuttigt och gölligt att jag blir alldeles tårögd! Haha.
    Har Ceri gjort den där tårtan? På riktigt? SjuHukt impad!
    Fina du, snart ses vi. Saknar dig massor!

  2. Ah han ar sa fin min karl! Dock har han inte gjort tartan sjavl, den har han kopt, men vill att jag ska ljuga nu och saga att han har gjort den helt sjalv hahaha!
    Saknar dig med fiiina du! Snart sa! Bara nagra veckor kvaaar! IIIH! Langtar som tusan! Saknar er alla sa det gor ont! Puss!

  3. Vilken underbar tårta! :O *DregelDregel*